Yearbook Update

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In the words of Frank Sinatra, “And now, the end is near…”
Week 39 – Finals week!

The yearbook is off to the printer and we’re expecting delivery the last week of June! It was a grind to get everything in that we wanted to and it definitely paid off with our best looking yearbook yet.

This past week we’ve been working on critiquing the yearbook for our final. Basically how well we accomplished what we set out to do, photos, theme, writing, layout, etc.

Additionally, there is a chance to plan for next years content by saying what should be added, taken out, etc.

It has been a busy couple of weeks this last month to get through the content but the students powered through admirably. It has been a wild ride doing yearbook with the hybrid format and home-based learning for as long as we did at the beginning of the year, certainly a year I won’t forget!

What’s new with Mr. Dudek?
I’m very much looking forward to my summer vacation. The end of June I’m road tripping with the family back to The Midwest to see family through the middle of July. I’ll be coaching the summer volleyball camp here the 8th through the 24th, so I’ll still be around campus.

Enjoy your summer!
Mr. Dudek