World History Update

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Rolling into week 37!

This week the students created their own game based on the events of WWII. For the most part, they really knocked it out of the park! I’m thinking we’ll have them play their games on Monday as review before we move on to the next stages of history.

The general classroom attitude has improved as well, I think the more “modern” our history gets the more interest the students seem to have in it. Also, doing hands-on projects seems to fit better than other types of review work. We only have two more weeks of actual content to get through and it’s going to be jam packed:

The week ahead:
Weekly Bellwork
Cold War
Nationalism, Independence Movements and Popular Resistance

What’s going on with Mr. Dudek?
Club ball is done, the boys are wrapping up their season. The yearbook is done. The end is in sight.

I hope you have a terrific week!
Mr. Dudek