World History/Social Studies Week 35 Update

 In 7th Grade Social Studies, World History

Good afternoon and welcome to week 35 Roadrunners!

What a crazy couple weeks with yearbook and volleyball wrapping up so I’m back on that grind!

Last I wrote we were working on our Genocide Research Projects. Afterwards we looked at the world during Vietnam while analyzing protest songs to transition into the modern era: Globalization. After describing the various ways to look at globalization and the different pros and cons we’re still pretty split about whether or not it is a net positive or negative for society.

Starting at the end of last week and rolling into this week we started a new project: The high schoolers are preparing simulated debates, having been assigned a person affected by globalization (either positively or negatively) and has to present on that person and their advantages/struggles with Globalization. The JH class has the option to teach/present a specific aspect of globalization to the class or design their own activity to teach the effects of our new global society.

What’s New with Mr. Dudek?
You’d think with volleyball and yearbook wrapped up that I’d be getting sleep again. My children are doing their best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Have a great week Roadrunners!
Mr. Dudek