World History/Social Studies Update Week 36

 In 7th Grade Social Studies, World History

Good afternoon and welcome to week 36 Roadrunners!

Last week we did research for our simulated debates on globalization affecting different groups. We started the presentations this morning and they’re going well so far. I’m really looking forward to the rest of them!

Our final topic that we cover in class is on Arab-Israeli conflict and Islamic Fundamentalism. We’ll explore how Arab rejection of the state of Israel contributes to conflict in the region today, the U.S. response to terrorism, and examples of religious influence on these various events.

As we approach the end of the semester I’m reminding students the final day to submit work is Friday, May 20th. Any late/missing work after that date will not be accepted or graded.

What’s New with Mr. Dudek?
Busy weekend: Myla had a dance recital in QC, then drove back up to Mesa to drop the fam off for Peter’s basketball game, while they were there I drove Myla back to San Tan Valley for a birthday party, then picking up Peter from a friends house before going and doing my plasma donation, after which I was out at Agritopia doing a senior photo session. Mother’s Day was actually chill – Picked up coffee and breakfast for the wife, took care of lunch, the kids, and dinner so she was able to relax and actually take a nap. Only 6 1/2 weeks till the little guy is due!

Have a great week Roadrunners!
Mr. Dudek