Film Studies Week 37-38

 In Film Studies

Good afternoon Roadrunners and welcome to the final week of school!

The students had a blast this past week with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Alfonzo Curron does a fantastic job of changing the tone and pace of the series with his unique approach to filmmaking. The camera work, lighting, and music are all very different than the previous two entries in the series and the students did a great job of picking up the emotional tone of the film.

This week we started off with a scene from a genre we hadn’t visited before: martial arts action. We watched a clip from Jet Li’s Hero in which the fight takes place mostly in their minds set in a chess house. We’re going to conclude the year with scenes from Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver as a comparison to an earlier film of his we watched, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and wrap up the year with a category we haven’t touched yet: foreign horror film, viewing the excellent Korean zombie flick Train to Busan, noting similarities and differences to another Korean film we watched earlier this year, Parasite.

What’s new with Mr. Dudek?
Nothing new, I actually have some time to myself without running around for yearbook or volleyball so it’s nice being able to relax every now and then. Though as we get closer to summer the birthday parties are starting to pick up and Myla got hit with a nasty virus/bug that she’s been battling for a few days, so hoping she recovers to do her graduation ceremony at Recker on Thursday.

Have a great week roadrunners!
Mr. Dudek