AP World History Update Week 35

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Good afternoon Roadrunners and welcome to week 35!

Between yearbook and volleyball this time of year I’ve really struggled to keep up with these updates, sorry for the delay!

While I may have been backlogged on my emails, the class has been hard at work.

We’d entered our “skill and drill” time, where we beef up our skills with the content and begin drilling for what the exam will actually look like. The six skills are:

1. Developments and Processes – Identify and explain historical developments and processes.
2. Sourcing and Situation – Analyze sourcing and situation of primary and secondary sources.
3. Claims and Evidence in Sources – Analyze arguments in primary and secondary sources.
4.Contextualization – Analyze the contexts of historical events, developments, or processes.
5.Making Connections – Using historical reasoning processes (comparison, causation, continuity and change), analyze patterns and connections between and among historical developments and processes.
6.Argumentation – Develop an argument.

We’ve been covering review topics in-class from the live review sessions in addition to doing practice tests for the various aspects of the AP Exam. AP testing officially started this week for some classes while ours isn’t until next Thursday. As such, I am keenly aware of the toll taking multiple AP tests can take so I’m doing my best to balance preparing them for the exam while trying to not overload them for their other tests. I plan on doing one more Multiple Choice Question test, one more Free Response Question, and one more Document Based Question before the test so the students can get used to the time restrictions of the test as well as the material they’ll see on the exam.

What’s New with Dudek?
You’d think with yearbook and volleyball over that I’d be sleeping again. My children, however, have other plans and have made it their personal mission to make sure I don’t sleep in again.

Have a great week Roadrunners!
Mr. Dudek